Patti Thompson

 Postpartum Doula Care, Reiki Practice, Life Style Support, and Art Play

A service specializing in optimizing wellness, renewal, reinvention, peak life transitions and somatic breath work. Patti provides support care during pregnancy and the post-birth period for the family. Improve your wellbeing, relieve stress and anxiety, and become more resilient through postpartum doula care, lifestyle tuning, Reiki treatments, and art play.


When you are facing challenges, learn how you can begin a sea change within yourself, to create a well swell in your life.”

About Well Swell

Well Swell is a practice started by Patti Thompson in 2014, after her completion of 37 years as a midwife. After many years of supporting families through conceiving, pregnancy, birth, Patti is sharing her wisdom on emotional wellness, empowerment, and health.


Postpartum Doula Care, Reiki, Life Style Balance, and Art Play


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