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Paintings for sale, lease, or long term rental

I’m in the process of downsizing my home and have a number of large paintings that are looking for new homes. Contact me if you’re interested in viewing.

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Bohemian Flowers at a Wooded Wedding

Once again, I explored flower design, doing a wedding for a couple near my cabin. Lilac coloured hydrangeas, amarylis, liatris, soft pink delphiniums, stocks, ranunculus, cala lillies, jasmine, and gloriosa daisies. The colours of light coral, marsala, amethyst orchid, cashmere rose, light oak, cream, and desert sage.

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So deep is disembodiment

“So deep is disembodiment, then, that many of us have no trust in the body whatsoever and content ourselves with disregarding it on every occasion and at every possible level.  In all this, not surprisingly, there is rarely a sense, that the body, on its own and from its own side, might have something to offer us –  in some sense, be more intelligent than our conscious self or ego, or that the body might have its own designs from which – if understood – we might stand to benefit a very great deal.”

~Reggie Ray, a Buddhist teacher

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Teaching at Pacific Rim College



Find Me At Pacific Rim College


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Recent Photos

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