Study of Birth

A collection of workshops designed to deepen your insight into care during birth, and made for doulas, each workshop offers unique considerations of labour and birth.

How Not to Catch a Baby

In How Not to Catch a Baby we will focus on doula care during a precipitous labour. Rapid labour presents a particular challenge in birth. This workshop will discuss:

  • External signs of active and advanced labour
  • How to assess when primary health care is required in labour
  • Conditions that affect the tempo of labour
  • Risks in precipitous labour
  • Communication during precipitous labour
  • Precipitous labour in home or hospital
  • Problem solving when access to care is challenged
  • Supportive Care

Precipitous labour can put a doula in the situation where she is the only caregiver present, before access to midwives, doctors, nurses, and paramedics. Explore a handful of tools to use in this juncture.

Cost: $125 | Time: 10am – 4pm | Location: Will be sent in Welcome Package

Upcoming Dates: June 26 & August 14

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Breath of Birth

Breathing is the bearer of life, the most fundamental act of existence. From the beginning of our lives, we are affected in our breathing by our feelings, self-image concepts, and constructs of our bodies. These tensions are stored in our muscles, bones, ligaments, blood, and cells. The natural physiology of breathing, ideally full diaphragmatic wave breathing, optimizes our glandular system and affects our mental and physical performance.

​During the agricultural era of the last 4% of our 5 million years of human evolution, we have nearly lost diaphragmatic breathing, often have dramatically reduced lung capacity, and endure regular erratic breath holding. This pattern of breath has a profound effect on birthing women and also the caregivers as the release of adrenalin reduces blood flow, oxytocin, oxygen, constricting all sphincters – reducing life energy itself. It is as if extinction of physically birthing is at stake.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Get to the heart of the principles of the psychology and physiology of healthy breathing for our own somatic presence while providing care
  • Learn to kinaesthetically connect in order to share our soma with a woman in labour.
  • Begin to know deeply how to, via the breath, physically and psychologically support the endorphins, to flow creating the feel good opiates, increase the oxygen flow and lead to increased somatic awareness, relaxation, and spontaneous labour
  • We will look at Somatic Healing Modalities, Mystical Traditions, and the Feminist tradition.
  • We will delve into the significance of the released Psoas Muscle.
  • We will practice experiential relaxation techniques and link it to labour care, especially in establishing healthy releasing techniques in early labour as a foundation to spontaneous birth.

Cost: $125 | Time: 10am – 4pm | Location: Will be sent in Welcome Package

Upcoming Dates: ​July 23 & August 27

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